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[The best Christmas Gift] Dr.YOUTH Aroma roll-on oil

최종 수정일: 2021년 1월 2일

Hello Everyone~!

Christmas is coming!! Are you guys looking for a Christmas gift for your family and friends? Theh, you are lucky to find this article!

I am going to introduce a perfect gift for you.

The product calls Dr.YOUTH Aroma roll-on oil.

Minions-"Oh What is it~?"

Since COVID19 appeard our life, caused lot of stresses in our lives.

Wearing a mask everywhere you go always irritaing our body (Too sad..)

Especially under the ear, holding the mask all day long.

Dr.YOUTH Aroma roll-on oil will make the irritating area feel cool and stress relief.

The scent is not too strong but gentle and comfy.


Let me show you how to apply our Dr.YOUTH Aroma roll-on oil

Reffered to the picture at below.

You can apply it onto any stressful area on your body that you always feel uncomfortable with and then You will immediately feel relax and calm applied area. (It's THAT EASY!)

Since Dr.YOUTH Aroma roll-on oil is a roll-on type, you do not need to use your fingers to apply. (Oh~ Interesting~)

It's 15ml size bottle, so that you can carry anywhere you go!

Super easy to use and carry!

Especially, for 20's ~ 30's women tend to like luxury package design and scent.

The size of the Dr.YOUTH Aroma roll-on oil bottle is 15ml (cuttie :) and designed with Brown glass bottle.

Also, the Scent is amazingly nice and it will reminds of Europe Travel.

Ingredients are-

Now you know how perfect this product (Dr.YOUTH Aroma roll-on oil) is!


#Dr.YOUTH #Aroma #roll-on oil's base ingredients are

Malkangni, Cyperus scariosus Root and Frankin cense. These ingredients are mostly used for Tradition Medicine in India.

We have 3 different types of products and you can choose from there.

Did you know Malkangni is good for nerve protection, anti-inflammatory?

And did you also know that Cyperus scariosus Root is good for pain relief and blood sugar control?

and #Dr.YOUTH #Aroma #roll-on oil contains these natural ingredients.

It is too good to be true~!


#Dr.YOUTH #Aroma #roll-on can be a best gift for

Everyone who works hard all day.

for who move their body all day long.

Who always working out actively.

​Thanks for reading!

You will not regret to purchase our products as a gift.

Please, come back to my next Article :)

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