We are focusing on a true anti-aging solution to combine medical expertise, natural ingredients and technology for healthy body.





Created by Dr.Yousoo Kim

Ylang-ylang & Lavender
Calm Morning
Sweet Orange & Grapefruit
Refreshing Day
Cypress Tree & Chamomile
Good Night's Sleep

Your Youth Dr.YOUTH

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YSBio Co.,Ltd was established by twin medical doctors specialized in anti-aging, rehabilitation, and aesthetic medicine. With more than 20 years of experience and research, Dr. YOUTH, our main brand, was released. We are focusing on developing medical self-care products using natural ingredients based on scientific evidence such as clinical trial. Your youthful life is indeed our core value. YSBio Co.,Ltd, after ceaselessly searching for the impeccable solution, is willing to share its secrets and the clinical expertise behind living a younger and healthier life.


Business scope: From cosmetics, hygiene products and medical devices to raw material trade. YSBio Co.,Ltd aims to support personal well-being.