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YSBio met Bontoux, Incosmetics Korea. 2018 인코스메틱스 코리아 레미봉뚜 회장.

최종 수정일: 2021년 2월 23일

CEO of Dr.YOUTH, Dr.Yousoo Kim (a natural anti-aging essential oil brand) and director Kim Eui-kyung paricipated Incosmetics Korea.

It was held at COEX for three days from June 13 to June 15, 2018 in Korea.

A 120-year-old giant French spice company, Bontoux attended the In cosmetics Korea.

CEO of Dr.YOUTH, Dr.Yousoo Kim had a meeting with the chairman of Remy Bontoux

[Dr.YOUTH Aroma offers Natural Essential Oil Blends in roller type for people who care about healing their Body and Mind. Patented essential oil compositions for joint pain relief and good aromatherapy for De-stress and Good Sleep.]

김유수 대표와 김의경 이사가

2018 6월 13일-15일 3일간 코엑스에서 개최된

인코스메틱스 코리아 참석차 내한한 120년 전통의 프랑스 거대 향료기업

봉뚜의 레미 봉뚜 회장과 미팅을 가졌습니다.



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