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[Gift for your Mom] Dr.YOUTH Aroma oil made my mom's stress go away.

최종 수정일: 2021년 1월 2일

Hello Everyone!

Today I am back with my mom :)

These days my mom quiet often telling me that her hands feel uncomfortable,

when she does house work.

Actually, my mom even got an injection that made her hands pain's go away..

Since I found #Dr.YOUTH #Aroma roll-on oil, she does not mention her hands anymore.


She starts her day with #Dr.YOUTH #Aroma roll-on oil.

And at night before she go to bed she ends her day with #Dr.YOUTH #Aroma roll-on oil.

Also she told me that the scent of #Dr.YOUTH #Aroma roll-on oil makes her calm as well.

Even during the day when she wants to apply she does apply anytime she wants, since Dr.YOUTH Aroma roll-on oil is really handy to carry.


There are 3 types of #Dr.YOUTH #Aroma roll-on oil.

No.5, No.7 and No.9.

No.5 is the comfortable floral scent of Neroli flowers, Ilanglang, and lavender.

No.7 is the subtle citrus scent of oranges, grapefruit, and Matricaria.

No.9 is the scent of cypress and blue chamomile.

There are a variety of scented products, so you have a wide range of choices!


(In the picture- In the morning I applied #Dr.YOUTH #Aroma roll-on oil on her hands.)

She said her hands do feeling more uncomfortable especially in the morning.

That's why she always looking for #Dr.YOUTH #Aroma roll-on oil once she wakes up!

I used No.5 on her hands the floral scent is really sweet!

(In the picture- At night, I applied #Dr.YOUTH #Aroma roll-on oil on her hands.)

Now she asks me to apply on her hands every single day :)

It's super easy to apply as you see in the picture!

(Also #Dr.YOUTH #Aroma roll-on oil works for Anti-aging as well.)

I used my fingers to rub the oil.

I could tell her hands look way younger than in the morning! (Isn't it?)

She is be like "Let me smell it, I love the scent of this oil!"

(I am glad that I found #Dr.YOUTH #Aroma roll-on oil for her and me.)


Another Shocking fact of #Dr.YOUTH #Aroma roll-on oil!

is that

#Dr.YOUTH #Aroma roll-on oil also works for Anti-aging your skin!

#Dr.YOUTH #Aroma roll-on oil!

Killing 2 birds with 1 stone!! (yessss)

Can you recognize the huge differences her hands looks, between morning and the night??

#Dr.YOUTH #Aroma roll-on oil made my mom's hands new born!!

(Left- In the morning, Right- At night.)

(In the picture- #Dr.YOUTH #Aroma roll-on oil No.5)

For 2 weeks me and my mom have been using this product.

I confidently tell you guys that this product perfectly works for who are dealing with uncomfortable feeling on your body areas.

And my mom told me that her hands feeling really relief and fresh nowadays.

I really want you to guys try this product and feel how good it it~!

and also Christmas is coming! it will be really great present for your family and friends.

Thanks for reading again everyone!

I will see you guys on my next Article :)


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